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Great Family Podcast

Not only do we love this show and the hosts, this show is a family show. We never have to worry about the content. Trent, Jenni, and their girls make you feel like part of the family!

Thoroughly entertaining

I love this podcast. It is a favorite of mine. I enjoy listening while at work and do not think the episodes are too long. The most recent episode with the detailed trip report was fascinating to hear and I learned so much valuable information. I wish your family health, happiness and a very Merry Christmas.

Family fun at its finest!

This fun Disney family is relatable and give great tips for adults and kids alike. Keep up the fantastic topics guys!

Great podcast

Great family friendly podcast. Very down to earth couple ! We never miss a podcast!

Love this Podcast

I started listening to Disney DNA a few months ago. I started with the recent episodes, and now I've listened to them all!! The podcasts are fun and very entertaining! I love the personalities of Trent and Jeni along with their special guests and of course all things Disney! I'm from the west coast and have only known Disneyland. My family and I are planning our first trip to Disneyworld, Spring 2016; listening to Disney DNA has introduced me to Disneyworld and what amazing things I will get to experience and see! Not only do I listen to Disney DNA podcast for all things Disney but I also respect and appreciate Trent and Jeni's perspective on Disney. Just by their podcast, I can feel their love for Disney and know they are genuine and trust their opinions. Thank you Disney DNA for making my week happier!!!

Disney DNA Rocks!!!

Disney DNA is the greatest podcast ever! I enjoy the hosts and all Disney topics they discuss. I have become an avid listener and look forward to each week's awesome podcast with Trent and Jeni who keep all things Disney enjoyable and fun! If you're a Disney lover like me, then you will not be disappointed. Everyone needs some Disney, and this is mine!

Great family Disney Podcast

I love this show. I can listen with my grandkids around. I love the information they give and I also think they are funny! It is an easy listen for when I am in the kitchen or my garden. I highly recommend this show to everyone!

Fun and entertaining

Trent and Jeni (and their children) make the show fun and entertaining at the same time. Truly family friendly, this show is definately worth subscribing to. A benefit to the Disney community...

Disney Fun and Family - Great Podcast

I am really enjoying the podcast. They are only a couple of episodes in, but I think their podcast is fun and entertaining. They include their kids on occassion which I think is nice touch. Keep up the good work Trent and Jeni!

New eyes on our favorite place.

This podcast is perfect in length. 30 minutes and I can get a little bit of a Disney fix. They are new, the shows are getting better and better.