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We love this show

We are new members of the Patreon group but have been listening for about 5 months now. My wife and I love listening to the show and love the good nature and fun banter between Trent and Jeni. The tips are helpful and entertaining. If you want a show that will put a smile on your face while you're working, relaxing, or whatever you are doing, this is the show to do that. We love this show and can't wait until the next one comes out.

Just keeps getting better and better!

Over the years Jeni and Trent have created such a polished website, fabulous sound effects (thanks Trent!) and the most personable podcast around. I love you guys and as you know, I love hearing your voices 🥰

This podcast is amazing

I’ve been listening for about a year and a half I’ve loved listening to this podcast and listened to almost all of the episodes. Thank you for this awesome podcast.

Rita Jarreau

Hi Trent & Jeni and girls! Finally I figured out how to leave a review (...tech-challenged..what can I say). I've been listening to y'all for around many years now. Usually I'm listening after-the-fact (sometimes many weeks later) but I love love love your podcast. I wish I could join in more often on your live events. Y’all are very fun and honest. Trent... I too have a soft-spot for Magic Kingdom just as you do. I always tear-up (eye sweats) when looking at Walt and Mickey with the Castle in the background. Sitting on the park bench there gives me a pure, simple, contented and thankful happiness that just can't aptly be described in words. Thanks for all that y'all do to host a wonderful podcast that brings happiness to me … and so many others. Rita Jarreau, Baton Rouge LA : )

Listen For Awesome Info

If you are planning a trip to Disney listen to these 2, love all the info they share, great podcast.

Fabulous and feels like family

I can’t believe I never left a review! I’ve heard every episode and been following since 2017. Trent and Jeni have been a part of my Disney experience from when I started planning family trips as an adult myself. They are so dedicated to the listeners, providing honest and fun reviews. I look forward to listening every week and recommend from anyone thinking of planning their first Disney trip to those who love Disney. It truly is a podcast for all.

Fun fun fun!

I love these guys! They provide a very welcoming podcast full of fun! I love listening to the trip reports from their guests. You can also tell they do their homework before talking about certain subjects and it shows. It shows in a very entertaining and calming way!

Great show!

Love the show guys! Lots of great info and helpful tips. The woman has quite an interesting accent though lol.. grill/any word ending in “ing”/etc.. difficult to say I guess. It’s a little like watching a bad Reese Witherspoon movie lol. Just teasing you! Love the show.

Tons of great information!

I’m so glad I found this podcast. It’s been so helpful to me while planning my first trip to Disney with my grandkids! I love all the tips and tricks but I also love the walk through audio and history. I think when I walk down Main Street I’ll be able to better appreciate the history and significance of certain things I might never have noticed before! Keep up the great work!

I love The DSNY DNA Podcast. They are such amazing host's. They are so welcoming. Just really nice people. Katie B💞🧡


I am so glad I found your podcast! I love your stories and you guys have the best storytelling voices! Seriously, could listen to podcasts and books on tape from you guys all day long!

My Disney trip! August 2020! Going again April 2021

I would love to tell you guys about our Disney trip! (Our honeymoon) August 2020! And we can talk about our upcoming Disney trip April 2021! Let’s talk about it!!!!!

Delightfully Done!

Trent and Jen have a personal and uplifting podcast. Love the information delicately mixed with personal stories and heartfelt experiences. We had the pleasure of working with them on LIVESTREAM in January. So happy to have met them and look forward to what the future holds for this incredible duo. -Marc

All is well in the World

Jeni and Trent are easy on the ear. Drama free programs filled with laughter. We are let in to their family, friends and barbeque In Louisiana 😊Their podcasts are fun, interesting and Disney parks. They got home from their 10 day trip. Today I was thrilled to see their trip report was on....!!!! Welcome back Jeni and Trent ❣️

I love it!

I cannot stress enough the amount of love I have for this! From the Trip reports, to the movie reviews, to the Disney news, I listen to it all! My only regret is that there never seems to be enough! Love it! Your friend from New Jersey!


Hi there Such a great pod cast so informative and fun! Love when the girls are on the show too!! 💕💕

So magical!

Such a joy! Love this Disney podcast so much—always makes my day brighter!

Best Disney podcast!

If you are looking for a great Disney podcast look no further! Trent, Jeni, Brooklyn and Sophia deliver a unique podcast experience filled with laughter, smiles and an occasional tear! Covering things from informational topics to trip reports this Disney family knows how to make a special show! Love listening every time a new episode comes out!

Amazing Disney Family

Trent and Jeni are amazing podcast hosts not only do they help cure the Disney blues with great topics and my favorite 360 ride experiences but they make you feel like you’re apart of their little family.

amazing show!

Hearing this show makes me so happy, i listen to it every time i commute! which is everyday! i want to catch your live!

Great Disney Family

Love this podcast! Great family show and so much wonderful content. Enjoy hearing everyone’s thoughts on topics and chats on the live shows. Thank you Trent & Jeni!💕

Awesome Hosts!

Jeni and Trent’s enthusiasm for all things Disney really comes though in their broadcasts. A fun listen for all Disney fans!


Longtime fan. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Great show!! Great information

Love the podcast and the different variety in the shows! Look forward to listen to all the new episodes. You can hear the love this family has for Disney and love to share all the information they can. Great work and keep it up! Can’t wait for many more episodes!

Won Me Over

Upon a referral from a friend I started listening to the DNA podcast. At first it was to get me excited about a Disney trip that was coming up. Well that trip has come and gone and after going through all 285 episodes from the last few years in about 5 months I can say without a doubt that I love the show. You really feel like you know Trent, Jeni, and the girls and that you are part of their family. If you listen to other Disney podcasts or this would be your first I would say to give them a try and they will definitely win you over. They put a LOT of work into the show and you can tell by the product they put out. Glad to be a fan and always look forward to new episodes as I've exhausted all the old ones! Michael P from NJ

Love the Show

Trent and Jeni are always truthful honest and informative! Down to earth show with awesome fan interaction!!! Keep up the great job guys!!!

My Favorite Disney Podcast!

Trent & Jeni are fantastic! They are fun, entertaining, and HONEST. I absolutely love listening to them while getting ready for work every morning. They always put a smile on my face and a little magic in my mornings.

My new favorite podcast!

I absolutely love hearing Trent and Jeni chat about all things Disney!! They are always honest and real with their opinion and fun to listen to. I enjoy their family friendly podcast that is fun for all ages!

Awesome Family Podcast

All I can say is this is an awesome podcast. Full of information and fun! They offer a live show Thursday nights that once you get hooked on the podcast you can’t help but watch to join in the fun conversations! After listening to the podcast and watching the live shows you feel like your apart of a new Disney family! Trent and Jeni are wonderful and happy people that you will just love!

Perfect for planning and that Disney fix!

Whether you’re planning a trip or just need a post trip Disney fix check out this show. Trent and Jeni not only love Disney but they have a lot of helpful tips and experiences to help you with planning that vacation. They also do a live show with call ins so this is your chance to ask about what it likes to stay at the all new Riviera resort!

Great Disney Family podcast!

Trent and Jeni put on a great family friendly podcast. I just finished listening to the episode about Riviera (also my home resort) and I’m even more excited about my decision to join DVC due to your enthusiasm, positive outlook, and ability to describe the benefits of joining DVC. Thanks for sharing your trips with us and for the fun live shows!

So Much Disney Fun!

Absolutely LOVE listening to Trent and Jeni’s podcast! I’m a new listener, but have loved listening to there live shows and podcasts each week. It brightens up my morning commute, and fuels my Disney addiction. They are funny, informational, and honest in their Disney updates. Look no further for a fun Disney podcast! Love y’all!

Love it.

I’m a new listener and I’m really enjoying the trip report. The 3D sound they’re using is super cool.

Great Family Podcast!

I have been listening to the Disney DNA Podcast for some time now, Great podcast and I love how the whole family gets involved. If you haven't already add the, to your list of podcasts to listen to!

Great podcast!

This is a very fun and easy podcast to listen to! This is a great addition to anyone’s podcast library! -Cast Conversations

Great Disney Ohana

Great Disney podcast. Love that they get the whole family involved. The live shows are fun since they are interactive with the audience! Good variety of topics within the Disney universe and very informative.


So many episodes I can’t decide which one is the best I love them all just one question what made you wanna start this Podcast Disney dna there’s a little in all of us specially Trent and Jenny!! Great podcast keep up the good work!!!

Great family Disney podcast

Iam a family man myself Francisco in Tucson az but born n raised in southern CA. Iam a Disneyland fan but been to Disney world twice I like Disney podcast n u guys are hands down best family Disney show I like how u leave news to everyone else that does Disney podcast n u guys put on great show every time I really like n enjoy ur honest opinions from the whole family keep up good work n shout out my great kids Elijah n Ariel n my queen Cassandra five stars!!!

WDW Family Podcast served with Southern Charm

Trent and Jeni bring you fun and informative topics about the resort and also spotlighted episodes around soundtracks and so much more! Genuine love and care are taken with the structure of the episodes and they create some worthwhile conversations. Awesome work! -Doug S.

Fun Family Podcast!!

My wife found your podcast and I enjoy the live show when she watches it on Facebook.The first podcast episode I listened to was the Toy Story one and it was great. Trent’s voice is so soothing that I was afraid I would fall asleep! Trent and Jeni are great!

Disney Done Right

Trent, Jeni, and the girls put out a wonderful podcast that really gets to the heart, or should I say the DNA, of why we love Disney. Covering a wide range of topics and featuring great guest appearances, you should totally tune in and enjoy their show! Rob L. - Jedi Temple Archives Podcast

Best disney fans and podcast ever !!!

For the best podcast that is informative and welcoming this is the absolute best


Hi Trent & Jeni and girls! Finally I figured out how to leave a review (...tech-challenged..what can I say). I've been listening to y'all for around 2 1/2 years now. Usually I'm listening after-the-fact (sometimes many weeks later) but I love love love your podcast. Recently I have really enjoyed your live podcasts and hope one day to time it right (and figure it out) so I can join the fun and conversation. Trent... I too have a soft-spot for Magic Kingdom just as you do. I always tear-up when looking at Walt and Mickey with the Castle in the background. (Guys get eye-sweats but girls can just cry). Sitting on the park bench there is a pure, simple, content and thankful happiness that just can't aptly be described in words. Thanks for all that y'all do to host a wonderful podcast that brings happiness to me when I listen. Rita Jarreau, Baton Rouge LA : )

Family Fun for Disney Fans

If you love Disney World and all Disney movies, check out Trent and Jeni’s show for reviews on all park attractions, movies, etc! Great people and fun for everyone! Also can help you to plan your next trip by knowing best places to visit, stay, and even eat!

It doesn’t get any better!

Love this podcast!! It’s fun for the entire family!! Do yourself a favor and give it a listen!! You won’t regret it!! Jeni and Trent and their two daughters are the perfect combination of sweet and funny!!

Such a great podcast and a wonderful family

I have been listening to the Disney DNA Podcast for about a year now and I have enjoyed every episode that they produced.I love how Trent and Jeni have that touch on me that makes me forget all of the problems that I have during the week. Their two wonderful daughters Brooklyn and Sophia sounds so wonderful to listen too when they were on the podcast and hope to keep listening to them during the week.I love this podcast so much and wish I could give it 6 stars because it is so wonderful!I hope best of luck for y’all in the future and I will keep listening to every episode to come!

Fun Disney Family

I recently discovered this podcast and it’s great! Trent and Jeni are fun and informative. The first show I listed to had their daughters Brooklyn and Sophia on it discussing Aladdin and I loved it.

Love y’all!

I love listening to this podcast. It’s a great addition to the week and helps make it through till the next Disney trip! I also enjoy that they are from Louisiana just like me.

Fun podcast with likable host

I’ve listened to dozens of Disney podcast and this one is one of my favorites. The hosts are like able and down to Earth.

Nice listen

Easy pod to listen to.. it’s nice finding out there is people who are crazy about Disney like me and my family! Keep up the good work!

Favorite part of my week!

The Disney DNA Podcast has become a staple for my week to week routine! Trent, Jeni, and the girls always are so lively and it’s such a breath of fresh air after a long work week. They give wonderful, honest reviews for a variety of things about Disney and it’s hard to not become immersed in the Disney bubble while listening!

Disney fam!

Trent and Jeni are so passionate about Disney, I feel transported! I love listening to their podcast and living in the Disney bubble.

Fanastic family fun!

This is a great podcast to listen to! Trent and Jeni cover a variety of Disney-related topics ranging from favorite smells in the parks and resorts (yes, this is a thing) to everything you could want to know about certain attractions like, my favorite, the Haunted Mansion. They also occasionally have their daughters on and it's just so nice hearing the whole family get excited about Disney.

Disney is in their blood!

This podcast is so much fun to listen to, and it has a little something for everyone. Information, entertainment, trivia, and humor. Trent and Jeni bring it on every podcast and their Facebook live shows are great as well! If you love Disney as much as me, you need to subscribe to the Disney DNA Podcast. -Justin Monorail

Disney Talk at its Finest

I get excited whenever I see a new Disney DNA Podcast episode has posted. You can really tell how much they love all things Disney. They know their stuff and discuss it in an interesting and fun way. Plus, their warmth and positivity shines through on each show. I highly recommend this pod. Check them out!

A great Disney podcast. Very entertaining!


Great podcast love it

Great listen

This is a wonderful podcast! Trent and Jeni are very enjoyable to listen to. The topics are interesting and up to date. It is also fun to hear the whole family’s perspective. I love how down to earth this podcast is. I feel like I really know them. The music they use to open the podcast makes me feel so happy! It definitely brightens my day!

Happiness in Podcast Form

This podcast is amazing. You know that feeling of happiness you get when you see the Cinderella Castle? You’ll feel that listening to this show. Trent and Jeni bring a great energy to the show, and really make every listener feel like family. Family, of course, is key to their show, and by bringing their daughters on as co hosts, they bring the show to a whole new level. By keeping it family friendly and entertaining, Trent & Jeni have created a timeless podcast that is fun, upbeat, honest, and will leave every listener smiling.

Fantastic! Dis

This podcast is an absolute joy to listen to each week! I began listening in preparation for my upcoming Disney trip, and within the first five minutes I was hooked! These guys are awesome. The Caillouets' passion for all things Disney is apparent, and the genuine heart that goes into each and every episode is like nothing else out there. When I hear that Magic Kingdom intro music it snaps me out of reality and into that magical place I call home. I'm sure my coworkers think I'm crazy as I sit in my cubical trying to hold back my tears of joy. Keep up the great work! This isn't just a Disney podcast, but rather a truly outstanding experience!

Fantastic Podcast

Disney DNA is an absolutely great podcast that I enjoy listening to every week. Trent and Jeni are so entertaining and asuch a pleasure to hear. Aside from the podcast being fun and informative (which it absolutely is), I also love the fact that it is family-friendly. I recommend it to all my Disney friends. Great people. Great Podcast.

Fun for the whole family

A great Disney podcast made by a family for families. Keep up the good work!

Great Family Podcast

Trent and Jeni deliver a great, family friendly podcast with tons of wonderful Disney tips, tricks and reviews. Highly recommended!

Great Podcast

Been a fan for over a year now and just love this podcast! looking forward to all the new shows thanks you guy's

Kid Friendly and Fun

Thanks to Jeni and Trent for creating a space where we can focus on family centered traveling to Disney! The kids love to listen and we learn so much! A pleasure to listen to! Keep up the good work!

Disney in their soul

The love of the Magic is strong in this one. They make sure every week to bring us home by either trip reports, tips and tricks or just fun interviews. You can tell there is a love for the parks and beyond but also a nice realistic truth. You'll fall in love with them immediately like I did and look forward to each week.

Great Family Friendly Disney Lovin' Show!

Trent and Jeni are personable and fun! Their show is family focused and always informative. They have great guests and topics. They are passionate Disney fans who bring their love for Disney parks and movies to every episode.

Family Friendly Fun

This Podcast has def been sprinkled with pixie dust! Trent and Jeni are amazing hosts and love how they include their kids too! If you are a Disney family, listen now!

Genuine Entertainment

I love finding Disney podcasts like this where you can sense the passion and genuineness of the hosts during each and every episode. So great.

I love this show!

Trent and Jeni are really fun to listen to as they talk about everything Disney and WDW! They pick some really fun topics too. Plus I love their Southern accents. It makes them feel super approachable.

Trent and Jeni are great!

Such a fun show to listen to and always looking forward to the next show. Make sure you keep this on your playlist as well as download list each week!

Great show

If you have Disney in your DNA, you need to listen to this show! Great job with the show!

Disney fanatics

Love the passion that Trent and Jeni have! Great conversations!

It is in your DNA

Need something that is truly family friendly and fun? Then give this show a spin. It is one of the best Disney Family shows around. You can enjoy many areas of this show while listening as a family. The topics are always fun and fresh and the close nit family really comes through. It is in your DNA to listen.

love it

really love the chemistry of htis show

Rated G

Love this show. It is great for all audiences. I enjoy getting my Disney fix from this show.

Fun to listen to

Sweet family talking about Disney fun. Trip reports are interesting, also enjoying hearing their tips and tricks. Great guests!


I love this podcast it is one of the best I have heard and I love the advice I have heard in some of the episodes and the people you have on are awesome!!!!! I look forward to every new episode every week and I also love the Facebook lives. So you guys I feel are part of my family. ❤️❤️❤️❤️u

Fantastic Hosts!

I am a Disney enthusiast and I love listening to the Disney DNA podcast. Trent & Jeni are fantastic hosts and really know their Disney stuff! They have a wide variety of topics and guests, including their own girls sometimes. It's a great family friendly, podcast that I look forward to listening to and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves Disney.

Great family fun!

I've been a listener for a while and love this podcast! Family friendly and lots of different topics. Sometimes games, sometimes news, and I especially love trip reports. Keep up the good work!

Sweet, Southern & Magical

Trent and Jeni are a joy to listen to throughout our Disney World trip planning process. Their sweet southern flair makes me feel right at home, and their family friendly tips will make our 3 generation trip even more magical! Our daughter loves listening with me especially when their kids give their input as well. Thank y'all for all y'all do!

Great family show!

I love that this show is so family oriented. I don't ever have to worry about content when my kids are around. I love hearing the variety of different Disney topics! I look forward to listening on carpool or on my runs!

All things Disney

Great podcasts on everything Disney. Watch on Facebook live is fun too. Love hearing from Brooklyn & Sophia too! ❤️😘❤️ b

Awesome Family Disney Show

I really enjoy listening to this podcast every week! They are a really fun show and have great topics! You can tell they have a passion for Disney and really love doing the podcast! Check them out!


Great podcast and fun to listen to!

Nice Family Podcast

Very enjoyable family orientated podcast.

Great podcast

Love the family atmosphere. Great attitude. Variety of topics. Fun. Sharing their love of everything Disney

Great Family Podcast

Not only do we love this show and the hosts, this show is a family show. We never have to worry about the content. Trent, Jenni, and their girls make you feel like part of the family!

Thoroughly entertaining

I love this podcast. It is a favorite of mine. I enjoy listening while at work and do not think the episodes are too long. The most recent episode with the detailed trip report was fascinating to hear and I learned so much valuable information. I wish your family health, happiness and a very Merry Christmas.

Family fun at its finest!

This fun Disney family is relatable and give great tips for adults and kids alike. Keep up the fantastic topics guys!

Great podcast

Great family friendly podcast. Very down to earth couple ! We never miss a podcast!

Love this Podcast

I started listening to Disney DNA a few months ago. I started with the recent episodes, and now I've listened to them all!! The podcasts are fun and very entertaining! I love the personalities of Trent and Jeni along with their special guests and of course all things Disney! I'm from the west coast and have only known Disneyland. My family and I are planning our first trip to Disneyworld, Spring 2016; listening to Disney DNA has introduced me to Disneyworld and what amazing things I will get to experience and see! Not only do I listen to Disney DNA podcast for all things Disney but I also respect and appreciate Trent and Jeni's perspective on Disney. Just by their podcast, I can feel their love for Disney and know they are genuine and trust their opinions. Thank you Disney DNA for making my week happier!!!

Disney DNA Rocks!!!

Disney DNA is the greatest podcast ever! I enjoy the hosts and all Disney topics they discuss. I have become an avid listener and look forward to each week's awesome podcast with Trent and Jeni who keep all things Disney enjoyable and fun! If you're a Disney lover like me, then you will not be disappointed. Everyone needs some Disney, and this is mine!

Great family Disney Podcast

I love this show. I can listen with my grandkids around. I love the information they give and I also think they are funny! It is an easy listen for when I am in the kitchen or my garden. I highly recommend this show to everyone!

Fun and entertaining

Trent and Jeni (and their children) make the show fun and entertaining at the same time. Truly family friendly, this show is definately worth subscribing to. A benefit to the Disney community...

Disney Fun and Family - Great Podcast

I am really enjoying the podcast. They are only a couple of episodes in, but I think their podcast is fun and entertaining. They include their kids on occassion which I think is nice touch. Keep up the good work Trent and Jeni!

New eyes on our favorite place.

This podcast is perfect in length. 30 minutes and I can get a little bit of a Disney fix. They are new, the shows are getting better and better.