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Great listen

This is a wonderful podcast! Trent and Jeni are very enjoyable to listen to. The topics are interesting and up to date. It is also fun to hear the whole family’s perspective. I love how down to earth this podcast is. I feel like I really know them. The music they use to open the podcast makes me feel so happy! It definitely brightens my day!

Happiness in Podcast Form

This podcast is amazing. You know that feeling of happiness you get when you see the Cinderella Castle? You’ll feel that listening to this show. Trent and Jeni bring a great energy to the show, and really make every listener feel like family. Family, of course, is key to their show, and by bringing their daughters on as co hosts, they bring the show to a whole new level. By keeping it family friendly and entertaining, Trent & Jeni have created a timeless podcast that is fun, upbeat, honest, and will leave every listener smiling.

Fantastic! Dis

This podcast is an absolute joy to listen to each week! I began listening in preparation for my upcoming Disney trip, and within the first five minutes I was hooked! These guys are awesome. The Caillouets' passion for all things Disney is apparent, and the genuine heart that goes into each and every episode is like nothing else out there. When I hear that Magic Kingdom intro music it snaps me out of reality and into that magical place I call home. I'm sure my coworkers think I'm crazy as I sit in my cubical trying to hold back my tears of joy. Keep up the great work! This isn't just a Disney podcast, but rather a truly outstanding experience!

Fantastic Podcast

Disney DNA is an absolutely great podcast that I enjoy listening to every week. Trent and Jeni are so entertaining and asuch a pleasure to hear. Aside from the podcast being fun and informative (which it absolutely is), I also love the fact that it is family-friendly. I recommend it to all my Disney friends. Great people. Great Podcast.

Fun for the whole family

A great Disney podcast made by a family for families. Keep up the good work!

Great Family Podcast

Trent and Jeni deliver a great, family friendly podcast with tons of wonderful Disney tips, tricks and reviews. Highly recommended!

Great Podcast

Been a fan for over a year now and just love this podcast! looking forward to all the new shows thanks you guy's

Kid Friendly and Fun

Thanks to Jeni and Trent for creating a space where we can focus on family centered traveling to Disney! The kids love to listen and we learn so much! A pleasure to listen to! Keep up the good work!

Disney in their soul

The love of the Magic is strong in this one. They make sure every week to bring us home by either trip reports, tips and tricks or just fun interviews. You can tell there is a love for the parks and beyond but also a nice realistic truth. You'll fall in love with them immediately like I did and look forward to each week.

Great Family Friendly Disney Lovin' Show!

Trent and Jeni are personable and fun! Their show is family focused and always informative. They have great guests and topics. They are passionate Disney fans who bring their love for Disney parks and movies to every episode.

Family Friendly Fun

This Podcast has def been sprinkled with pixie dust! Trent and Jeni are amazing hosts and love how they include their kids too! If you are a Disney family, listen now!

Genuine Entertainment

I love finding Disney podcasts like this where you can sense the passion and genuineness of the hosts during each and every episode. So great.

I love this show!

Trent and Jeni are really fun to listen to as they talk about everything Disney and WDW! They pick some really fun topics too. Plus I love their Southern accents. It makes them feel super approachable.

Trent and Jeni are great!

Such a fun show to listen to and always looking forward to the next show. Make sure you keep this on your playlist as well as download list each week!

Great show

If you have Disney in your DNA, you need to listen to this show! Great job with the show!

Disney fanatics

Love the passion that Trent and Jeni have! Great conversations!

It is in your DNA

Need something that is truly family friendly and fun? Then give this show a spin. It is one of the best Disney Family shows around. You can enjoy many areas of this show while listening as a family. The topics are always fun and fresh and the close nit family really comes through. It is in your DNA to listen.

love it

really love the chemistry of htis show

Rated G

Love this show. It is great for all audiences. I enjoy getting my Disney fix from this show.

Fun to listen to

Sweet family talking about Disney fun. Trip reports are interesting, also enjoying hearing their tips and tricks. Great guests!


I love this podcast it is one of the best I have heard and I love the advice I have heard in some of the episodes and the people you have on are awesome!!!!! I look forward to every new episode every week and I also love the Facebook lives. So you guys I feel are part of my family. ❤️❤️❤️❤️u

Fantastic Hosts!

I am a Disney enthusiast and I love listening to the Disney DNA podcast. Trent & Jeni are fantastic hosts and really know their Disney stuff! They have a wide variety of topics and guests, including their own girls sometimes. It's a great family friendly, podcast that I look forward to listening to and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves Disney.

Great family fun!

I've been a listener for a while and love this podcast! Family friendly and lots of different topics. Sometimes games, sometimes news, and I especially love trip reports. Keep up the good work!

Sweet, Southern & Magical

Trent and Jeni are a joy to listen to throughout our Disney World trip planning process. Their sweet southern flair makes me feel right at home, and their family friendly tips will make our 3 generation trip even more magical! Our daughter loves listening with me especially when their kids give their input as well. Thank y'all for all y'all do!

Great family show!

I love that this show is so family oriented. I don't ever have to worry about content when my kids are around. I love hearing the variety of different Disney topics! I look forward to listening on carpool or on my runs!

All things Disney

Great podcasts on everything Disney. Watch on Facebook live is fun too. Love hearing from Brooklyn & Sophia too! ❤️😘❤️ b

Awesome Family Disney Show

I really enjoy listening to this podcast every week! They are a really fun show and have great topics! You can tell they have a passion for Disney and really love doing the podcast! Check them out!


Great podcast and fun to listen to!

Nice Family Podcast

Very enjoyable family orientated podcast.

Great podcast

Love the family atmosphere. Great attitude. Variety of topics. Fun. Sharing their love of everything Disney