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My Favorite Disney Podcast!

This podcast is fantastic! Trent & Jeni are fun, entertaining, and HONEST. I absolutely love listening to them while getting ready for work in morning. They always put a smile on my face and a little magic in my mornings.

Great podcast

Came across your podcast about 4 years ago! Really enjoyed your honest and genuine reviews and feedback of all things Disney. I have been a lifelong Disney fan myself and moved down here to Orlando from New York little over a year ago. Hope to run into you at the parks sometime! Thanks again for the great content.

Fun show!!

A must listen Trent & Jeni are great!! … They give you honest and fun reviews on the Walt Disney World parks… DVC and all things Disney… You will love this podcast they're fun and entertaining !!💕💕

We love this show

We are new members of the Patreon group but have been listening for about 5 months now. My wife and I love listening to the show and love the good nature and fun banter between Trent and Jeni. The tips are helpful and entertaining. If you want a show that will put a smile on your face while you're working, relaxing, or whatever you are doing, this is the show to do that. We love this show and can't wait until the next one comes out.

Just keeps getting better and better!

Over the years Jeni and Trent have created such a polished website, fabulous sound effects (thanks Trent!) and the most personable podcast around. I love you guys and as you know, I love hearing your voices 🥰

This podcast is amazing

I’ve been listening for about a year and a half I’ve loved listening to this podcast and listened to almost all of the episodes. Thank you for this awesome podcast.

Rita Jarreau

Hi Trent & Jeni and girls! Finally I figured out how to leave a review (...tech-challenged..what can I say). I've been listening to y'all for around many years now. Usually I'm listening after-the-fact (sometimes many weeks later) but I love love love your podcast. I wish I could join in more often on your live events. Y’all are very fun and honest. Trent... I too have a soft-spot for Magic Kingdom just as you do. I always tear-up (eye sweats) when looking at Walt and Mickey with the Castle in the background. Sitting on the park bench there gives me a pure, simple, contented and thankful happiness that just can't aptly be described in words. Thanks for all that y'all do to host a wonderful podcast that brings happiness to me … and so many others. Rita Jarreau, Baton Rouge LA : )

Listen For Awesome Info

If you are planning a trip to Disney listen to these 2, love all the info they share, great podcast.

Fabulous and feels like family

I can’t believe I never left a review! I’ve heard every episode and been following since 2017. Trent and Jeni have been a part of my Disney experience from when I started planning family trips as an adult myself. They are so dedicated to the listeners, providing honest and fun reviews. I look forward to listening every week and recommend from anyone thinking of planning their first Disney trip to those who love Disney. It truly is a podcast for all.

Fun fun fun!

I love these guys! They provide a very welcoming podcast full of fun! I love listening to the trip reports from their guests. You can also tell they do their homework before talking about certain subjects and it shows. It shows in a very entertaining and calming way!

Great show!

Love the show guys! Lots of great info and helpful tips. The woman has quite an interesting accent though lol.. grill/any word ending in “ing”/etc.. difficult to say I guess. It’s a little like watching a bad Reese Witherspoon movie lol. Just teasing you! Love the show.

Tons of great information!

I’m so glad I found this podcast. It’s been so helpful to me while planning my first trip to Disney with my grandkids! I love all the tips and tricks but I also love the walk through audio and history. I think when I walk down Main Street I’ll be able to better appreciate the history and significance of certain things I might never have noticed before! Keep up the great work!

I love The DSNY DNA Podcast. They are such amazing host's. They are so welcoming. Just really nice people. Katie B💞🧡


I am so glad I found your podcast! I love your stories and you guys have the best storytelling voices! Seriously, could listen to podcasts and books on tape from you guys all day long!

My Disney trip! August 2020! Going again April 2021

I would love to tell you guys about our Disney trip! (Our honeymoon) August 2020! And we can talk about our upcoming Disney trip April 2021! Let’s talk about it!!!!!

Delightfully Done!

Trent and Jen have a personal and uplifting podcast. Love the information delicately mixed with personal stories and heartfelt experiences. We had the pleasure of working with them on LIVESTREAM in January. So happy to have met them and look forward to what the future holds for this incredible duo. -Marc

All is well in the World

Jeni and Trent are easy on the ear. Drama free programs filled with laughter. We are let in to their family, friends and barbeque In Louisiana 😊Their podcasts are fun, interesting and Disney parks. They got home from their 10 day trip. Today I was thrilled to see their trip report was on....!!!! Welcome back Jeni and Trent ❣️

I love it!

I cannot stress enough the amount of love I have for this! From the Trip reports, to the movie reviews, to the Disney news, I listen to it all! My only regret is that there never seems to be enough! Love it! Your friend from New Jersey!


Hi there Such a great pod cast so informative and fun! Love when the girls are on the show too!! 💕💕

So magical!

Such a joy! Love this Disney podcast so much—always makes my day brighter!

Best Disney podcast!

If you are looking for a great Disney podcast look no further! Trent, Jeni, Brooklyn and Sophia deliver a unique podcast experience filled with laughter, smiles and an occasional tear! Covering things from informational topics to trip reports this Disney family knows how to make a special show! Love listening every time a new episode comes out!

Amazing Disney Family

Trent and Jeni are amazing podcast hosts not only do they help cure the Disney blues with great topics and my favorite 360 ride experiences but they make you feel like you’re apart of their little family.

amazing show!

Hearing this show makes me so happy, i listen to it every time i commute! which is everyday! i want to catch your live!

Great Disney Family

Love this podcast! Great family show and so much wonderful content. Enjoy hearing everyone’s thoughts on topics and chats on the live shows. Thank you Trent & Jeni!💕

Awesome Hosts!

Jeni and Trent’s enthusiasm for all things Disney really comes though in their broadcasts. A fun listen for all Disney fans!


Longtime fan. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Great show!! Great information

Love the podcast and the different variety in the shows! Look forward to listen to all the new episodes. You can hear the love this family has for Disney and love to share all the information they can. Great work and keep it up! Can’t wait for many more episodes!

Won Me Over

Upon a referral from a friend I started listening to the DNA podcast. At first it was to get me excited about a Disney trip that was coming up. Well that trip has come and gone and after going through all 285 episodes from the last few years in about 5 months I can say without a doubt that I love the show. You really feel like you know Trent, Jeni, and the girls and that you are part of their family. If you listen to other Disney podcasts or this would be your first I would say to give them a try and they will definitely win you over. They put a LOT of work into the show and you can tell by the product they put out. Glad to be a fan and always look forward to new episodes as I've exhausted all the old ones! Michael P from NJ

Love the Show

Trent and Jeni are always truthful honest and informative! Down to earth show with awesome fan interaction!!! Keep up the great job guys!!!

My Favorite Disney Podcast!

Trent & Jeni are fantastic! They are fun, entertaining, and HONEST. I absolutely love listening to them while getting ready for work every morning. They always put a smile on my face and a little magic in my mornings.