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The DSNY DNA Podcast

The DSNY DNA Podcast

Explore the enchanting legacy of Disney Parks, Disney Studios, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and more with the DSNY DNA Podcast. Uncover the captivating history and spellbinding magic of these beloved franchises. Please note that the DSNY DNA Podcast is an independent entity and is not affiliated or endorsed by Walt Disney Imagineering or the Walt Disney Company. Boost your knowledge and enjoyment of all things Disney with the DSNY DNA Podcast today!

Recent Podcast

Yes, No or Maybe So at Disney's Hollywood Studios

June 2, 2023

Join us on this enchanting journey as we embrace the magic and wonder of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, fueled by the anticipation of each spin and the delectable delights that await us. Buckle up and get ready for a thrilling …

Discover the Hidden Magic: Overlooked Guilty Pleasures at Walt Disney World

May 31, 2023

In this episode of "The DSNY DNA Podcast,” join Trent and Jeni as they delve into the enchanting world of Walt Disney World Guilty Pleasures. They explore those little-known experiences, indulgences, and hidden gems that may…

About the Hosts

Jeni CaillouetProfile Photo

Jeni Caillouet


Jeni is the co-host of the podcast and helps create the show topics and Live show ideas. Jeni’s love of Disney stemmed from childhood and took root during her and Trent’s honeymoon to Walt Disney World. Jeni has shared on the show her Disney parks planning “sacred scrolls” to help plan an amazing Walt Disney World vacation. Jeni’s passion for Disney has inspired many through her Disney parks knowledge and always brings a unique perspective to the shows and keeps us grounded firmly in our principals of kindness, love and magic. Jeni is from Louisiana, and when not podcasting, she enjoys spending time with Trent and the girls, listening to musicals, and watching movies. You can find her taking lots of photos or video in the Disney parks or enjoying A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King in her spare time!

Trent CaillouetProfile Photo

Trent Caillouet


Trent is the creative director and founder of The DSNY DNA Podcast. He is a Disney Fanatic and Disney Vacation Club Member. His fondest memories of Walt Disney World began as a child during family vacations to Florida. Trent is from Louisiana, and when not podcasting, he enjoys spending time with Jeni and the girls, watching sports, and watching movies. You can find him singing along with Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress or admiring the beauty of Cinderella Castle in his spare time!