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Won Me Over

Upon a referral from a friend I started listening to the DNA podcast. At first it was to get me excited about a Disney trip that was coming up. Well that trip has come and gone and after going through all 285 episodes from the last few years in about 5 months I can say without a doubt that I love the show. You really feel like you know Trent, Jeni, and the girls and that you are part of their family. If you listen to other Disney podcasts or this would be your first I would say to give them a try and they will definitely win you over. They put a LOT of work into the show and you can tell by the product they put out. Glad to be a fan and always look forward to new episodes as I've exhausted all the old ones!

Michael P from NJ

April 23, 2020 by Staythecourse777 on Apple Podcasts

The DSNY DNA Podcast